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What We Carry

We offer a full dispensary of prescription and pharmaceutical drugs.

and over-the-counter-medicines - name brand and generic.

We carry all the pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter items that are covered by Non-Insured Health Benefits/INAC that First Nation individuals, businesses and programs may require; including items such as: diapers, lice medicine, toiletries, and medical aids all at a competitive price.

If you don't see it in stock, we can order it for you right away. Orders are generally shipped within 1-3 days.

We accept Cash, cheques, credit card, debit cards and purchase orders from approved purchasers. Ordering in large quantities is not a problem! We will work with all local programs and businesses to purchase in bulk or to keep a steady supply of items on hand to purchase as needed.

We offer product return with a full refund within 10 days. Further, we are current with all product recalls.

Walpole Island First Nation Pharmacy Ltd., 785 Tecumseh Road, Unit#16 Thunderbird Plaza, Walpole Island, ON N8A 4K9
Phone (519)627-8868, Fax: (519)627-8850, Email: